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Twisted "Slogan" Laser Cut Vest (Women's)

Twisted "Slogan" Laser Cut Vest (Women's)

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Take your running game to a whole new level with the Twisted "Slogan" Laser Cut Running Vest. Engineered with precision and passion, this vest is designed to inspire and empower your every stride.

Key Features:

  1. Laser-Cut Precision: Our cutting-edge laser-cut technology guarantees unparalleled breathability and lightweight comfort, allowing you to stay in the zone and achieve peak performance.

  2. Front Motivational Slogan: The front of the vest proudly displays the powerful mantra, "Left Foot Right Foot Repeat." This inspirational reminder will fuel your determination and push you to conquer new running milestones.

  3. Signature Twisted Logo: Adorning the back, our iconic Twisted logo stands as a symbol of endurance and excellence. Let it be a badge of honour as you leave a mark on every track.

  4. Performance-Enhancing Fit: With a perfect balance of snugness and flexibility, the vest's fit is optimized for runners like you. Experience unrestricted motion and focus solely on beating your personal best.

  5. Moisture-Wicking Fabric: Crafted from advanced moisture-wicking materials, this vest guarantees to keep you cool and dry even during the most intense runs. Bid farewell to discomfort and hello to peak performance.

Available in 4 captivating colours and 5 sizes, finding your ideal match is a breeze. Express your unique style and personality while pushing your boundaries.

Run with purpose and embrace the rhythm of "Left Foot Right Foot Repeat." Elevate your running experience with the Twisted "Slogan" Laser Cut Running Vest. It's time to define your path and achieve greatness.


Sizes run larger than normal. The current sizing selection reflects this, any question sizing just message us and we will be happy to help


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