Collection: Shorts

Whats the difference in our Cargo shorts?

We have 3 different types of Cargo shorts; Cargo, Cargo 2in1 & Cargo Ultra.


They all have mesh pocket around the front and side, and a large zip pocket at the rear. the Cargo Ultra has additional mesh over the zip pocket at the rear.

Inner Lining:

The Cargo have no inner lining and therefore are great if you commonly wear undershorts or leggings under your running shorts.

The Cargo Ultra have built in "Undies" perfect if you don't like wearing additonal under shorts or leggings.

The Cargo 2in1 have a built in under-short. Perfect if you need the protection on your thighs and want it built in.


The Cargo is the only version that comes in different colours, black, grey, platinum white and soon to be red and navy.