"Manchester" Edition Tee

"Manchester" Edition Tee

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Size Guide

1/2 Chest (cm)


  • XS- 44.5
  • S - 49.5
  • M - 52
  • L - 54.5
  • XL - 59.5
  • XXL - 62


  • XS - 42 (8)
  • S - 44.5 (10)
  • M - 47 (12)
  • L - 49.5 (14)
  • XL - 52 (16)

Introducing the "Manchester Edition" Technical Running Tee, engineered specifically for runners who demand performance with a touch of local pride. This exclusive tee combines cutting-edge technology with a unique design, capturing the spirit of Manchester with every step.


Faded Hex/Honeycomb Pattern: The lower half of this black tee features a subtle yet striking faded hex/honeycomb pattern, not only enhancing its aesthetic appeal but also boosting breathability and flexibility. Designed to optimize performance, this pattern ensures you keep cool and comfortable during even the most intense runs.

Signature Slogan Down the Spine: Propel your pace with our inspirational slogan, "LEFT FOOT, Right Foot, Repeat," elegantly scripted down the spine. This motivational phrase serves as a relentless reminder to keep pushing forward, stride by stride.

Precision Engineering: Meticulously crafted, this tee is designed for ultimate comfort and lasting durability. The fabric is adept at moisture-wicking, keeping you dry as you push the limits. With strategic seams and an ergonomic fit, it promises unrestricted movement as you navigate the track.

Manchester Bee Icon: At the top of the spine, the iconic Manchester bee symbolizes the hardworking, industrious spirit of the city, adding a local touch to this high-performance apparel.

Limited Edition: The "Manchester Edition" Tee is more than just sportswear; it's a symbol of your connection to Manchester. Available in limited quantities, it allows you to join an exclusive community of runners who appreciate sophistication in their sportswear.

Classic Fit: True to our standard sizing, this tee guarantees a perfect fit. Order your usual size and experience a garment tailored to your athletic lifestyle.

Gear up with the "Manchester Edition" Technical Running Tee and embrace a blend of advanced performance and local heritage. Whether you’re tackling a marathon or just enjoying a casual jog, this tee stands ready to exceed expectations. Secure your piece of running history today—stocks are limited!

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